Founded in 2015, the CNCPT Team is a group of cyclists and creatives; challenging the standards of how a team operates and looks.
Alvin Escajeda CNCPT TeamAlvin Escajeda


Immigrating to the US at 5 years old, Alvin starting riding bikes to commute to college and work. After getting a track bike at 17 and racing his first alleycat, he was hooked and eventually started focusing on-road racing. From the Red Hook Crit to Tulsa Tough, he can ride with the best & party with the rest.

Tim McGee CNCPT TeamTim McGee


Artist and outdoor enthusiast, Tim McGee, started his cycling career with track sprinting, earning him a few State Championship medals in the Sprint and a spot on elite cycling teams racing road races across the US. Originally from Hawaii, Tim spends a lot of his time backpacking, hiking, and kayaking.

Greg Garth CNCPT TeamGreg Garth


LA Native and Dog Groomer by trade, Greg has been riding and racing in LA for over a decade. Starting with alleycats and track races then onto cyclocross and gravel, his skills and experience with one gear helped land him some SSCX titles in California and overall wins in gravel races alike.

Mike Szerszunowicz CNCPT TeamMike Szerszunowicz


From Massachusetts to California, Mike has called East Hollywood home for over a decade.  A track, road and cyclocross racer turned coffee roaster who loves a hard day in the saddle as much as he loves coffee.

Sean Martin CNCPT TeamSean Martin


Sean’s cycling palmarès goes beyond racing. Hosting underground races like Lord of Griffith, the Alaskan born cyclist has helped to grow the LA cycling community while being a competitor himself. Based in Oakland, you’ll likely see him going fast and turning left at Hellyer Velodrome.

Brian Dunsmoor CNCPT TeamBrian Dunsmoor


You can usually catch Brian, chef restaurateur, on a track bike attacking the local road or dirt routes. The Fixed Gear Everesting Record Holder is always up for big miles and when he’s not killing it on the bike, he’s killing it in the kitchen.

Alonso Tal CNCPT TeamAlonso Tal - CoFounder


From skidding track bikes all over the globe to road racing, Alonso Tal is a man that wears many hats. Zoe will swap a skinsuit for a camera after racing, creating art for the team & other projects. His eye for design and photography play a big role in the CNCPT Team’s aesthetic, while competing side by side with the rest of the team.

Bobby Endo CNCPT TeamBobby Endo - CoFounder


From designer jeans to bibs and jerseys, Bobby Endo’s career in fashion hasn’t always been rooted in cycling. After designing the iconic Rock Racing livery in the mid 2000’s, Bobby branched out and started Endo Customs. Now, Endo Customs designs & manufactures some of the most recognizable cycling kits outside of the Pro Peloton and is the birthplace of the CNCPT Team.

Cesar Alvarez CNCPT TeamCesar Alvarez


Capturing the team’s aesthetic and vibe through video and photo, Cesar’s been around the team from its inception. Shooting for some huge names outside of cycling, his humble start as a photographer and videographer gels perfectly with the team’s unconventional path into cycling, allowing him to create visuals that fit the team’s personality to a “T”.