We have compiled answers to the most common questions people ask about Cervélo and our products.


Where are you located?

The Cervélo head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We have multiple offices and distributors located around the world in order to help serve you in the region you reside in.  In order to locate the office that can best service your enquiry you can find our distributor list here

Does Cervélo offer factory tours?

Unfortunately, we do not offer tours at this time.  While the brains of the operation work out of our Toronto facility, all the fun stuff happens at our assembly facilities in the USA, Germany and Asia.  We appreciate your interest, so please check back frequently to be updated on any changes.

How do I find my local Cervélo retailer?

        You can use our dealer locator which can be found here

Does Cervélo offer a military discount?

        Unfortunately, at this time Cervélo does not offer a military discount.

Can Cervélo sponsor me?

We do not currently consider sponsorship requests directly at Cervélo.  There are two ways to become a Cervélo supported rider.  The first is through our grassroots programs, which are handled by our retailers.  The second avenue for sponsorship is through the pro teams we support.  They have their own recruitment process for athletes and Cervélo is not involved.

Do you have touch up paint?

Unfortunately, we do not carry any touch up paint.  We would advise visiting a local automotive paint shop where they can colour match your paint in order to get the closest match possible.

What kind of bicycle rack should I use to transport my bicycle?

Cervélo recommends any mount that doesn't clamp the bike by the frame. Clamping your top tube could result in damage that would not be covered by our limited warranty. 

Driving into your underground parking with your bicycle mounted to the roof of your car could also result in damage that would not be covered by our limited warranty. 


How do I determine what size of bicycle I should buy?

Determining the correct size and fit is very important in relation to performance and comfort.  Providing accurate sizing advice is very difficult without being able to see the rider in question.  Cervélo retailers have the experience, skill, and specialized tools necessary to fit you on a frame that works for your build, body type, and riding style.

If you are unsure of where your closest Cervélo retailer is you can find them here using our dealer locator.

Where can I find my bicycles serial number?

Most of Cervélo’s serial numbers can be found underneath the bottom bracket shell of your bicycle.  Some models of bicycles have the serial number located on the left dropout.  On older model bicycles you can find the serial number stamped into the actual bottom bracket shell. 

If you’re not sure what your bottom bracket is, the easiest way to find it is to turn your bicycle upside-down and the bottom bracket is the part of the frame that your crank runs through.

The majority of our serial numbers start with SN + the model of bicycle.  So, for an R5 bicycle, the serial number would begin with SNR5.


How often should I have my fork serviced?

Regular inspection and maintenance of a fork is critical to ensure rider safety.  A headset that is too loose or too tight can cause damage to the steer tube over time.  If any abnormalities are detected Cervélo encourages you to reach out to your local Cervélo retailer so they can assess your fork.  A damaged fork should never be ridden as doing so could result in complete failure.        

Is my bike compatible with both 160mm and 140mm disc brakes?

Yes.  Cervélo uses Shimano’s road-specific Flat Mount system which allows you to easily switch between the two.

How can I use my Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.) rear derailleur hanger with indoor trainers?

This can easily be accomplished by replacing the R.A.T. hanger with the threaded hanger supplied with our C-Series and S3 Disc models (Cervélo Part Code: DRH-WMN112) which is available for sale through any authorized Cervélo retailer.  This hanger will support the use of any 12mm x 142mm x 1.75mm through-axle adapters for standard and direct-drive trainers.