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Further, Faster

Glory comes in many forms: claiming the leader’s jersey, conquering a climb, pushing our limits while riding with friends. And beyond these physical trials, there is something more which drives us: our passion for the open road.
The Bikes
R5 S5 Caledonia Caledonia-5


This supreme all-round racing machine sets new benchmarks for lightness, stiffness, and confidence-boosting handling.

  • Colors: Five Black Jumbo-Visma Black/Gold Lime Black
  • Options: 5 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From €8,299.00


  • Colors: Five Black Jumbo-Visma Black/Gold Iron Oxide
  • Options: 6 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From €6,399.00


  • Colors: Oasis Gloss Black
  • Options: 3 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From €3,399.00


  • Colors: Five Black Aqua Pearl Oasis
  • Options: 6 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From €5,399.00
Crossing the finish on an S-Series aero bike at a track


Designed for our World Tour racers and boasting significant improvements in aerodynamics and stiffness, these bikes are about all-out speed. If you live for the thrill of the sprint and going fast, these aero road bikes are made for you.

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Rider cornering on a gray R5 on a country road


World Tour riders praise their unrivaled stiffness, lightweight, and stable handling. These bikes aren’t only for the pros though. Our Classic Road bikes support every rider with fine-tuned geometry and a range of fit options. That means the ultimate all-round ride experience for you.

A blue Cervelo Caledonia


Caledonia is a new bike for big, stupid rides. You could call it an “all-road” or “endurance” bike, but when it comes right down to it, the Caledonia is the bike we keep reaching for when we know the odometer’s going well past the triple-digit mark.

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