The Cervelo P5X: Three Years in the Making Part 4

What went into developing the ultimate triathlon bike? In the last of four excerpts from Intervals magazine, Cervélo’s Industrial Designer, Stuart Munro, explores the big travel benefits of the custom P5X bike bag and bar holster.


During the P5X pro testing sessions in California I had the opportunity to jump in on training runs and swims with the pro athletes who were recovering from an Ironman 70.3 race a few days prior. Because of my experience in endurance sports, I developed a unique rapport with them — unique among industrial designers, at least — and got some strong feedback I could understand on an intrinsic level.

Furthermore, sitting down and discussing the bike-packing process with Heather and Trevor Wurtele, we realized how big of an opportunity we had to do something great. After all, many athletes travel the world with their bikes and face countless stressful issues.


Are you tired of having to use towels and bubble wrap to protect your bike? We teamed up with Biknd on a custom P5X version of the Helium 4 bike bag that features a set of foam-and-neoprene components that surround all four P5X sizes in any custom configuration. This way, there is a very controlled and defined way of packing up the bike, with no need to improvise.


Assembly and travel can be so stressful. But not with the P5X! It can be disassembled in just a few minutes, with designated storage for all loose parts and hardware. For example, the bar packing component (included with the bike) secures the foldable aerobar to the fork and protects both parts during travel. It also secures the four bolts in the front end and keeps them accessible when you’re ready to build the bike up again.

To add to that, the Cervélo P5X bag doubles as an assembly stand by holding the frame and fork in a secure, upright position with a customized front-axle bracket and bottom-bracket pad. The bag allows the bike to remain in an upright position for customs and security inspections, reducing the risk of tampering with packing materials and dislodging parts. Do you need one set of disc wheels for training and another for racing? The P5X bag fits two sets of wheels. One bag really does fit all!


Every P5X comes with allen keys athletes need to adjust their position and disassemble/reassemble their bikes for travel.