The Road to Kona: Anthony “Le Tigre” Costes

Always a threat to podium and disrupt the race on the bike, Anthony Costes will be looking to leave his mark on this years race in Kona.

Racing as a professional triathlete since 2012, Anthony “Le Tigre” Costes’ steady progression saw him secure his first top ten Ironman finish in 2017 followed up shortly after with a blistering fast 7:49:19 Ironman Barcelona victory. A “magic day at the office” according to his Instagram.

Costes’ multiple podiums and top 5 finishes in 2017 and 2018, thanks in part to his fast bike splits, have secured him a spot at the Ironman World Championships next Saturday. The Kona rookie will be looking to mix it up with the favorites and use his P5 to stay near the front.

Oh, and that P5 he will be riding? It’s no ordinary P5. Surely influenced by his PhD in Biomechanics, the unique front end of his bike allows him to use a position which appears nearly invisible to the wind while letting him maximize his power.

“Le Tigre” will surely be looking to use his position to his advantage for another magical day, this time in Madame Pele’s backyard.