Reudi Wild described his silver medal at the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships as “one of the most successful achievements of my triathlon career, and also one of my best efforts.”
wild ITU

What more can you ask of an athlete than to give their all? This question sums up Wild’s inspiring effort on and around the Danish island of Fyn of Sunday.

Coming out of the water more than two minutes behind eventual winner Pablo Dapena Gonzalez of Spain, Wild wasted no time in closing the gap on his Cervélo P5X.

The Swiss soon joined a lead group of six riders, and then roared into the lead with a stirring effort over the final 40 kms. “From that moment there was no turning back,” Reudi said. “It was all or nothing, pedaling all out, knowing that the finish line was three hours away.”

His 30-second lead at T2 would not hold up over the course of the 30km run, with Gonzalez returning to the front at around the 5km mark. Three other runners, meanwhile, drew level with Reudi. “I would have liked to just lay down on the road,” he recalled, “but these are the moments that separate the wheat from the chaff. So I decided to carry on and face the consequences.”

Instead of fading, Ruedi pushed Gonzalez and held off a charging Marko Albert, with the former finishing less than three minutes off the lead in a time of 5:22:13.

“ I would of course have liked to be on top of the World Cup podium, but I went all out and gave everything,” Reudi said after the race. “The more one has to overcome in competition, the greater the satisfaction afterwards.”