Before the new season gets off to a rockin' start, we caught up with Kona winner Anne Haug to get her thoughts on her massive 2019 win and see where her head is at going into the 2020 season. Plus, she gives us a few training tips to remember whether you're a newbie or a seasoned triathlete.

We are a couple of months out from your big win, how do you feel? 

I´m feeling very well. Bit more busy than normal and with a few new disciplines.

At what point did you know you had it [the win]?

To be honest, you can never be sure until you cross the finish line. Ironman is a beast and everything can happen at anytime. So, you need to be focused and concentrated until the end. And that's what I did. 

What is the most mentally challenging part about racing for you?

To be patient and focus on my own race. I'm always tempted to race the others like I used to race for so many years at the ITU circus.  

Anne Haug Kona win 2019

What is your favorite part about racing? What keeps you coming back season after season? 

I'm curious how fast I can be. I always believe there's more room for improvement, I'm constantly unsatisfied with my performance and want to be faster. That's my everyday motivation: Be a better and faster version of myself every day. 

What does an average day of training look like for you?

Train, eat, sleep and repeat! There's really no rocket science behind it. Consistency is key in endurance sport. So, a normal day would be a run in the morning, a swim at lunchtime and a bike in the afternoon. 

What are your top three training tips? 

  1. Consistency: It doesn't matter much how your sessions look, as long as you train regularly.

  2. Balance: Find the right balance between training and recovery. If there's no time to rest, you won't get any better.

  3. Fuel: If you want to be a race car, don't fill up with crap fuel.

Anne Haug Kona win

Does going into this season feel different than in seasons past? 

No. Every season is a new beginning and you have to be on top of your game. Just because you have a WC Title doesn't mean you will get a head start. Maybe it's even harder because the expectations will increase. But I try to focus on myself and don't let that title be a burden, but more be the motivation of what can be possible. 

What is your favorite race on the Ironman circuit? Why?

I haven't raced a lot of Ironman races yet. That's the reason I can't tell. But for me, it's more important who I race against and how my performance is than where I race. I want to compete against the best in the world to see what I have to improve.  

What do you love about the P5? 

It's light, it's super-fast, it´s just the perfect bike for me. If you spend too much time on the bike, as you do in a long course triathlon, you start to build a special relationship. And I think we are a very very good team.

What are you looking forward to most in 2020? 

To see how much I can improve.  

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