Pure Power

Gruelling endurance events, where you leave every ounce of your energy on the track. Max effort sprints, summoning all of your strength and power. Energy, excitement, spills, and thrills. This is the exhilarating world of track racing.
Track racing poses a unique set of demands on riders and their bikes. For our track bikes, we applied what we've learnt from years of engineering the fastest TT/triathlon bikes to create the ultimate track racing framesets. These framesets are strong, stiff, and aerodynamic, and built to win Olympic gold.
T Series

No Wasted Effort

Our track frames are stiff and strong enough to withstand the explosive power output of the world's best track cyclists. We bolstered the stiffness of the frames at two key points - the head tube and bottom bracket - for maximum power transfer.

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T Series

Less Drag, More Speed

Our track frames are some of the most aerodynamic frames we make. We applied everything we've learned from creating industry-leading time trial and triathlon bikes and optimized it for the track.

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Bridie O'Donnell / Former UCI Women's record holder

"honored to have such incredibly fast, beautiful and record-breaking equipment."
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T4 T4


A carbon frameset built for the extreme demands of track cycling.

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