Time Trial and Triathlon Bikes

Simply Faster

Improving with each evolution, years of R&D have made our bikes amongst the lightest and most efficient time trial and triathlon bikes on the market. You will feel the difference from your first pedal stroke. Simply put, they make you go faster.
The Bikes
From the P-Series to the legendary P3X.
P5 P-Series PX-Series


Industry-leading aero bike for TT and triathlon.

  • Colors: Five Black Purple Sunset
  • Options: 3 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From US$9,500.00


  • Colors: Chameleon/Blue Purple Sunset Black Mother of Pearl
  • Options: 4 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From US$3,200.00


  • Colors: Kailua Bay
  • Options: 1 model / Disc only
  • Priced: From US$5,500.00
P Series - Revolutionary Aerodynamics

Revolutionary aerodynamics

Our time trial and triathlon bikes are designed and tested for real-world aerodynamics. Innovative frame tube shapes, handlebar and fit positions, and other advanced features are engineered to create an optimal aero system integrating the bike and rider.

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P Series - Lighter and Faster

Lighter and faster

Using special carbon layup and construction techniques, we reduced the weight of the frames while making them stiffer and more aerodynamic. The result: even more of your effort goes into powering you forward, faster.

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Time trial and triathlon

Balanced stiffness

Our time trial and triathlon frames are stiff where needed for efficiency and compliant where needed for comfort. You will notice the immediate power transfer and stable and responsive handling, all with a smooth ride feel.

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