The P-Series


Simply Faster

The P-Series bikes are amongst the most popular and successful bikes on the triathlon and time trial circuits. We wear that badge with quiet pride, honored that so many athletes have chosen to push their limits on a P-Series bike.
We dedicated years of R&D to make the P-Series the most aerodynamic, user-friendly, and stiff triathlon and time trial bikes on the market. You will feel their efficiency and speed from your first pedal stroke. A large fit range enables you to dial in your perfect position and the user-friendly details will ensure you can focus on your performance.
P Series

Revolutionary Aerodynamics

The P-Series bikes are designed and tested for real world aerodynamics. Special frame tube shapes, handlebar and fit positions, and other features are engineered to create an optimal aerodynamic system integrating both the bike and rider.

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P Series

Made for You

Our goal is to create fast bikes that are user-friendly and stress free. The components chosen are simple to use and maintain; fit is easily adjustable; and flexible storage options enable your optimal aerodynamic set up for training and races.

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P Series

Balanced Efficiency

The P-Series frames are carefully engineered to be stiff where needed for efficiency and compliant where needed for comfort. Stiffness in select parts of the frames improves direct power transfer and enhances stable and responsive handling.

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Caroline Steffen, Multiple World Champion

As a life long Cervélo athlete I have had the pleasure of riding each P-Series bike. Countless miles of training and racing, and they have never let me down. When I think of the P-Series, I just think of one word: performance.
The Bikes
P5 P3 P2
P5 P5


  • Colors: Black/Fluoro
  • Options: 2 models / Rim only
  • Priced: From US$7,500.00
P3 P3


Sharing many of the same high performance features as the P5, with a wide range of fit options.

  • Colors: Fluoro/Black/White Black/Red/Navy
  • Options: 3 models / Rim only
  • Priced: From US$4,200.00
P2 P2


Real aerodynamic advantage at an affordable price.

  • Colors: Black/Fluoro/White Riviera/White/White
  • Options: 1 model / Rim only
  • Priced: From US$2,900.00