We have compiled answers to the most common questions people ask about Cervélo and our products. If you don’t see your question answered here please contact us here.

Where are you located?

The Cervélo head office is located in Southern California. We have multiple offices and distributors located around the world in order to help serve you in the region you reside in. In order to locate the office that can best service your enquiry you can find our distributor list here.

Does Cervélo offer factory tours?

Unfortunately, we do not offer tours at this time. While the brains of the operation work out of our Toronto facility, all the fun stuff happens at our assembly facilities in the USA, Germany and Taiwan. We appreciate your interest, so please check back frequently to be updated on any changes.

How do I find my local Cervélo retailer?

You can use our dealer locator which can be found here.

How do I become a Cervélo retailer?

Thanks for your interest! Head over to our Dealer Application and fill it out. We'll give you a call as soon as we can.

How can I get in touch with Cervélo?

You came to the right place! Please give this FAQ a read to see if your question is one that is frequently asked. If not, drop us a line, or call your local Cervélo retailer.

How do I apply for a job at Cervélo?

We're constantly in search of talented, passionate individuals to join our team. Head on over to our Careers Page and see if we're a good fit for you.

Does Cervélo offer a Military/EMT/Healthcare worker discount?

We do not offer any kind of standard discount since the bikes are not sold by us directly. Your local Cervélo retailer may have a program that you qualify for.

Can Cervélo sponsor me?

Maybe! Due to our heavy involvement with the Men's and Women's World Tour, and their Development teams, direct sponsorships from Cervélo are very limited. If you're competing at the sub-elite level, your best bet is to go through your local Cervélo retailer and ask about sponsorship through our Grassroots program. For Elite level racers, please drop us a line, and we'll be in touch.

Do you have touch up paint?

Unfortunately, we do not—matching the original color of the frame is rarely advisable, anyway, unless the frame is very new. All colors degrade under UV (i.e. sunlight) and touching up a spot with the original color can sometimes leave a brighter-than-ideal spot on your bike. We typically suggest visiting your local automotive bodypaint shop and asking them to color-match your paint to get the closest match possible. Many automotive parts stores carry touch-up paint that can be used as well.

How can I repair damage to my paint/decals?

First, we'd suggest bringing your bike to your authorized Cervélo retailer so they can inspect it to ensure there is no structural damage to the frame. From there, the shop can get in touch with our warranty/QC people if necessary. Damage to paint and decals are not covered under our warranty, but in our experience, chips in clearcoat and basecoat can be easily touched up.

What kind of bicycle rack should I use to transport my bicycle?

Cervélo recommends any mount that doesn't clamp the bike by the frame. Clamping your top tube could result in damage that would not be covered by our limited warranty. Driving into your underground parking with your bicycle mounted to the roof of your car could also result in damage that would not be covered by our limited warranty.

How do I determine what size of bicycle I should buy?

The age-old question, isn't it? There are so many factors that go into bicycle sizing and fit, particularly for high-performance bikes, that we can't offer much help without being able to measure you and see you on a bike. Even then, it's not unusual for someone to be able to ride two different sizes depending on their goals and fit tolerance. That said, we do have some fantastic retailers, and we'd encourage you to go start a conversation with them about what you want from your new bike. You can find the retailer closest to you over at our Dealer Locator.

Where can I find the geometry chart for this bike?

Geometry charts for current models can be found on the associated product page under the "specs" tab. If you're looking for geometry charts from older models, please drop us a line.

What size bike do I have?

We put stickers with the frame size inside the main triangle on the seat tube of all of our bikes, but many riders remove them. If yours is missing, please contact us, and include your serial number—we'll be able to tell you based on that information.

Where can I find my bicycle's serial number?

Most of Cervélo’s serial numbers can be found underneath the bottom bracket shell of your bicycle. Some models of bicycles have the serial number located on the left dropout. On older model bicycles you can find the serial number stamped into the actual bottom bracket shell.

If you’re not sure what your bottom bracket is, the easiest way to find it is to turn your bicycle upside-down and the bottom bracket is the part of the frame that your crank runs through.

The majority of our serial numbers start with SN + the model of bicycle. So, for an R5 bicycle, the serial number would begin with SNR5.

How often should I have my fork inspected and my headset serviced?

Regular inspection and maintenance of a fork is critical to ensure rider safety. A headset that is too loose or too tight can cause damage to the steerer tube over time. If any abnormalities are detected we'd encourage you to see your local Cervélo retailer so they can assess your fork. A damaged fork should never be ridden as doing so could result in complete failure.

Is my bike compatible with both 160mm and 140mm disc brakes?

Yes. Cervélo uses Shimano’s road-specific Flat Mount system which allows you to easily switch between the two.

Can I convert my Cervélo from R.A.T axles to standard thru-axles?

Most Cervélo disc-brake bicycles can be converted from R.A.T axles to standard thru-axles. You'll need the following parts: Cervélo Thru-Axle Lever - Front [QRA-LVR-F], Cervélo Thru-Axle Lever - Rear [QRA-LVR-R], Cervélo Threaded Axle Fork Insert [QRI-THD], Threaded axle rear derailleur hanger [DRH-WMN112] (Some exceptions apply, please see your Cervélo Authorized Dealer for further assistance).

Can I use my Cervélo on an indoor trainer?

All Cervélo bikes may be used on an indoor trainer, and any Cervélo disc brake-equipped frame on a trainer by sourcing a through-axle adapter for standard and direct-drive trainers. Some trainers will require a conversion to standard thru-axles prior to use (see "Can I convert my Cervélo from R.A.T axles to standard thru-axles?"). If installed properly and used carefully, there should be no risk of damaging the frame. Please keep in mind that any damage to the frame, fork, or components caused by use in a trainer is not covered by our limited lifetime warranty.How can I use my Rapid Axle Technology (R.A.T.) rear derailleur hanger with indoor trainers?

This can easily be accomplished by replacing the R.A.T. hanger with the threaded hanger supplied with our C-Series and S3 Disc models (Cervélo Part Code: DRH-WMN112) which is available for sale through any authorized Cervélo retailer. This hanger will support the use of any 12mm x 142mm x 1.75mm through-axle adapters for standard and direct-drive trainers.

What size tires can I fit on my Cervélo?

If you've ever aired up a 23mm tire in an older road frame, only to find in the space of a month that it's stretched to 25-26mm and no longer fits, you'll know that maximum tire size can be a tricky subject. Beyond casing stretching, there are many variables involved when determining if a tire/rim combo will fit. The ISO 4210-2:4.10.2 standard for tire clearance states that a minimum of 4mm of clearance must remain between the tire and any frame element. Contact your retailer and they should be able to help.

How much does this bike/frame/component weigh?

We don't typically publish weights, because slight variations in weight are normal: our products are handmade, paint is applied by hand, and different sizes of a frame will of course weigh different amounts. Weights can be found in product reviews, and your local Cervélo retailer will probably be more than happy to put a bike or frame on the scale for you.

Where can I buy Cervélo small parts and accessories?

Cervélo small parts and accessories are available for purchase at all Authorized Cervélo Dealers. See our Dealer Locator to find a dealer nearest to you. Some small parts are also available on our webstore.

What is Cervélo's warranty policy?

Starting January 1, 2004, each Cervélo Cycles Inc. (Cervélo) bicycle frame purchased after this date is warranted by Cervélo Cycles Inc. against defects in workmanship and materials for as long as the frame is owned by the original owner, excluding paint and decals. (Cervélo bicycle frames purchased before this date came with a four-year warranty). This covers ALL bicycle frame models Cervélo offers. This warranty is expressly limited to either the repair or replacement of the defective frame – the decision to repair and replace to be at the sole discretion of Cervélo – and no other remedies are available under the warranty.

How do I make a warranty claim?

All warranty considerations and fulfillment must be made through an Authorized Cervélo Dealer. Please take your frame/components and your original proof of purchase to your nearest dealer for further assistance.

Where can I find more information about a product recall?

We maintain all information about any active or past recalls on the Product Recall page.