The Aspero is hands down, my favorite bike likely because this gravel bike has taken me to some spectacularly beautiful places. The Cervelo Aspero is a terrific adventure or gravel race machine because it has the capability to be a 650b or 700c gravel bike. 

I am lucky enough to own the 650b and the 700c Aspero- I’ve named each of them because that’s simply what I do with all my bikes. Theo (the gold 700cc) and Comet (the teal 650b) might be related gravel bikes but are pretty different. Below I’ll dive a bit deeper into the differences between the two and what each bike is best suited for.

Reese's gold Aspero 700c gravel bike on the trail

700c Cervelo Aspero:スピードへの転換 

Let’s start with Theo, the gold 700cc Aspero. I mainly use this bike for mixed surface riding. Obviously, with the larger tires, it is best suited for gravel, but you don't feel slow on the pavement. While the bike is fast, light, and responsive, it can still handle pretty technical gravel roads. I took this bike up and over two 13,000ft passes in Colorado and it handled incredibly well on the super rocky descents. The bike handles like a race bike, but somehow offers you the stability of a gravel bike. Nimble, but not twitchy. The 700x40 tires are perfect for just about any rocky, rutted, gravel road.

You’ll want to read more about the TrailMixer that is standard on the Aspero. Depending on position, it changes the rake by 5mm. To quote CyclingTips, “The rearward position is generally used for smaller-diameter setups, while the forward position is used for larger-diameter ones. Both are designed to produce the intended trail of 62mm.”

Reese's teal blue 605b Aspero in the desert

650b Cervelo Aspero:アドベンチャー向けでも速さに自信あり 




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