Engineered for you

Our approach is engineering-driven. We apply the same rigorous process for each of our high performance bikes: build, test, refine, and repeat until expectations are exceeded. The result is industry-leading bikes that consistently come out on top in comparison tests and win awards from the most respected industry publications. Most importantly, our bikes earn accolades from racers and riders all of types, from World Tour pros to everyday athletes.

Design Features

Each Cervélo bike combines select Design Features- technologies created by our engineers to further the performance of the bike.

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Engineering Fundamentals

At Cervélo we believe there are five distinct factors that can be looked at when it comes to improving a bike, and each is carefully considered by our engineering team as they develop new models.

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Engineering Field notes

Learn about how we design and manufacture our products straight from our engineers. 

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Virtual Patent Marking

The following list of Cervélo models are protected by U.S. patents (and others).

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Our Tech Papers

Engineering is at the core of every bike we design. Download our Tech Papers to learn about how we test and the tools we use.

The 2019 S5 is the outcome of a comprehensive redesign that married Cervélo’s leading aerodynamics research/knowledge with an acute focus on the rider’s experience and needs.

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For us, aerodynamics is not just another feature of a bike; it is the heart of our design process.

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