Gravel Bikes

One Fast Gravel Bike

You could drag anchor with bags, and trailers, and enough cargo to bikepack for a couple of months—or you could find the ragged edge of your efforts on open roads and wild trails. Our gravel offering takes a page from the unapologetic speed of our race bikes.


  • Colors: Black/Gold Seabreeze Red/Carbon Grey/Seabreeze
  • Options: 7 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From US$2,800.00

Alphabet Aerobics

KOMs, PRs, and lately, the FKT. These letter-soup abbreviations give a nod to exploration and they scream record-setting performance; for you and your bike. To boot, the bikes are stiff in the way Classics bikes are stiff. Put power down, and you’ll get it right back.

Make It Personal

Wide clearances and a custom fork configuration flip chip allows you to switch easily between common combinations of 700c or 650b wheels and tires. You’ll see the option to upgrade to Reserve wheels if you want to bring carbon hoops to the gravel fight, too.

One of Our Own

The stays drop down and the geo relaxes just the right amount from any of our road bikes—but you’ll still find yourself in the kind of position that imposes speed. There are hints of new-classic aero lines here and there. This is our kind of gravel bike.