Aero Road Bikes

Less Drag, More Speed

Aerodynamic drag is the major factor affecting a bike and a rider. It can account for up to 90% of the overall resistance that you have to overcome in your race against your own best sprint time, or that of the others stretched shoulder-to-shoulder beside you.
Our aero bikes are designed to find speed in every nook and in every cranny of the wind. We’ve always had the goal to make cyclists faster, and to use aerodynamics as the best way to achieve that goal.


  • Colors: Five Black Jumbo-Visma Black/Gold Iron Oxide
  • Options: 6 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From CA$8,850.00
Detail of the Cervelo S5 frame and paint

Shapes, Sizes, Designs

We call TrueAero, well... aero because it’s a system approach to the improvement of real, honest-to-fast aerodynamic flow across your bike. It’s tailored specific to each of our bikes and their intended uses: powerful sprints, hurtling tucks, and big solo efforts.

Learn About Aerodynamics
Rider standing and pedaling on the S5 aero road bike

Abundance of Balance

Calm and precise handling comes from stiffness. Pain comes from too much stiffness. Aero bikes have suffered from this in the past, but we optimized the layup of these bikes to find performance without leaving you to find painkillers after 40 miles of eye blurring speed.

Learn About Stiffness
Pedaling the S-Series aero road bike under a bridge

A Bike Never Rides Itself

Test speed is one thing; road speed is another. We design and test our bikes with a rider. This means that the bikes are more than fast when put i the wind tunnel, they’re also fast out in the real world, where you ride.