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Setting new goals for an iconic, world-championship bike is a difficult task. The P2 remains focused on aerodynamic performance, with additional emphasis on ride quality and usability, incorporating many of the features and advances used on the category-leading P5.


The aero features that have made the P2 a trusted choice on the Kona Pier for a decade are all found on this model: Our Dropped Downtube, which reduces the gap between the frame and front wheel; our Extended Seat-tube Cutout, which narrows the gap between the wheel and seat-tube, reducing drag; and our Shielding Seatstays, which hide the rear brake caliper from the wind.


The new P2 is more rider-friendly than ever, with a wide range of fit options to get you dialed in quickly for maximum results from the first pedal stroke. Hydration and nutrition options are intuitive and accessible. And when you are ready to upgrade, the new P2 is ready to grow along with your training routine: it's fully compatible with mechanical, hydraulic or electronic components. 

Ride quality

We think ride quality comes in part from being able to dial-in your perfect fit. Our 1 1⁄8” steerer can accommodate a wide range of aftermarket cockpit options, and Cervélo’s all-carbon aero, rail-adjust seat post offers ~75mm of fore/aft adjustability.