Social Responsibility

We know the freedom that bicycles offer and their power to change lives. We take that responsibility seriously. It's why we choose to partner with companies and initiatives which share our vision for a sustainable and healthy future.

Wounded Warriors Canada

Changing the lives of ill and injured Veterans, First Responders and their families.
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Since 2012, Cervélo Cycles has supported Wounded Warriors Canada in its mission to honour and support ill and injured Armed Forces members, veterans, first responders and their families. Cervélo became the presenting sponsor of WWC's Battlefield Bike Ride in 2015, and has bolstered the annual fundraising tour with volunteers and bicycle donations. After each ride brand-new Cervélo road bikes are auctioned off, adding to the more than $2 million raised so far by cyclists, donors and sponsors. The 2018 Battlefield Bike Ride, from June 8 to 16, will begin on the 100th anniversary of the end World War I in the very place that sparked the “war to end all wars” — on the streets of Sarajevo.

Cervélo is also actively supporting Wounded Warriors Canada’s #INTHISTOGETHER initiative. As a company, we understand that when injuries are sustained by our veterans and first responders, it doesn’t matter where, when or how they occurred. What matters is that the individuals and their family members know that we, as a country and community, are in this together – working to ensure they receive the help they so rightly deserve.


A bicycle is a tool that helps people move forward.
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Why do Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka riders display the “five-finger salute” after UCI World Tour victories? The gesture symbolizes the Qhubeka charity’s 2016 goal of putting 5,000 African children on bicycles through its #BicyclesChangeLives campaign, which exceeded that goal in 2015. Qhubeka, which means “to carry on,” “to progress” or “to move forward” in the Nguni language, is the South African branch of World Bicycle Relief, a global non-profit organization dedicated to advancing education, health and economic opportunities by providing simple, sustainable transportation. Since being founded in 2005, it has delivered more than 275,000 specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to people in need. A bicycle mechanic is also trained for every community that receives 500-plus bicycles, creating new employment opportunities.

Cervelo is committed to supporting #BicyclesChangeLives as the bike brand sponsoring the first and only Africa-based team in the UCI World Tour. For instance, when it unveiled its 2015 Tour de France squad and equipment at Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, a limited number of the customized Cervélo S5 racing bikes were made available to the public, with each sale triggering the donation of a sturdy "Buffalo Bike" to the #BicyclesChangeLives campaign.

Cycling has traditionally been out of reach for many schoolchildren in Team DiData’s home country. Three-quarters of the 16 million kids in South Africa walk to class, and in rural areas more than two million walk at least an hour each way. The time and effort involved is a big part of the reason why only 55 per cent of students who enroll in Grade 1 graduate from secondary school.

That’s where the Buffalo Bikes come in: They increase carrying capacity by five times and quadruple both speed and range. In other words, for every 16km travelled, a bicycle saves three hours of valuable time.

Going Green

Cervélo's employee's are committed to promoting an eco-friendly and active lifestyle.

Cycling to work

Our responsibility to our community begins at our offices. As you might expect, cycling to work has always been encouraged, and our offices are equipped with indoor bicycle storage, shower facilities and a gym with lockers. This encourages fitness, reduces carbon emissions, and promotes the sport and lifestyle of cycling.

Our head offices

We’ve integrated several innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies, with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100% green energy provider, powering Cervélo’s head office in Toronto. We recycle our paper, glass, plastic and aluminium waste whenever possible, and make sure we only buy paper supplies made from recycled materials. At the same time, we are always looking out for more opportunities to reduce paper usage, for example, by providing electronic pay stubs to our employees.