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Bike Radar Review

“Cervélo’s S3 is a high-performance hybrid that pulls front-end aero cues from its S Series bikes, but comfort-boosting rear features from the R Series machines. The result is an effortless distance machine that’s deceptively quick and closer cost competition to mainstream brands than you might expect. Business at the front, party at the back makes the S3 seriously fast fun all day long.”


Cycling Weekly Review

“A favourite with the big hitters in the peloton, the Cervélo S3 is back and it's better than ever...The S3 still appeals to the bigger guys: the rouleurs, sprinters and breakaway artists...But the new S3 is even more versatile. It retains the fun and thrill of its forerunner, but loses many of the negatives. It’s better. It’s cheaper. It’s still a race winner.”

Cycling Weekly

Cycling Plus Review

“You're getting an exceptional aero bike here, with a simply wonderful frame. Cervélo has taken a design that was showing its age and infused it with everything it has learned since. The S3 handles better, it’s more comfortable and the chassis is lighter...this is one seriously rapid ride that we’ll certainly miss once it leaves our office.”

Cycling Plus