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Our S Series is known for premium aero performance, but the S2 matches this with stiffness to optimize your energy output on longer rides, and usability to create the perfect ride for race day — and every other day.


If the S2 is your first foray into the aero bike segment, you may be an easy convert. With all our key aero features, such as our partial seat-tube cutout, you may notice you’re coasting a lot more in the paceline. When aero meets confident handling and moderate geometry, you’ll be anxious to reach top speeds.


True efficiency doesn’t only come from cheating the wind: the S2’s increased stiffness maximizes your power output. Our Evolved Steerer Design boosts stiffness by 32% from the previous S2, for confident, responsive handling. Race-ready stiffness is aided by BBright for a 20% increase in BB stiffness from the previous S2.


The S2 is the perfect choice for the athlete who wants cutting-edge aero performance without fear of obsolescence: non-proprietary components are easy to upgrade, while Future-Proof cable management is ready for electronic, mechanical, or hydraulic shifting. Now with 700x25c tire clearance so that you can chase top speeds over any road conditions.