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Cycle Fit Review

“The R5 is at once just a quiet and wonderful place to be in the world being propelled under your own steam. One of the most effective race weapons ever devised elegantly wrapped in a hand-crafted velvet glove.”

Phil Burt

Canadian Cycling Review

“These days, there are very few poor bikes, given the improvements in manufacturing and quality control that have swept the bike industry, but, on the other hand, there are also very few bikes that set themselves apart as something special. The Cervélo R5 is one of those few bikes....Now, what makes this bike so special? Put plainly, the ride.”

Canadian Cycling

BikeRadar Review

"A supreme balance of lightness, stiffness and unbridled performance. The only downside to riding such an extraordinary bike is feeling obliged to ride fast all the time. Luckily, that’s the R5’s speciality, dismissing rolling terrain and racking up the miles with ease.”