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Peloton Review

“On varied terrains the R3 is a fierce competitor, most noticeably when descending at speed...When climbing it allows for a malicious tempo to be tapped out without much consideration for others...The R3 is a worthy contender at an incredible value.”


“It’s a sweetly blended mix of drivetrain stiffness, smoothness through the saddle and accurate handling that sets the R3 apart in what is a very crowded market. On the hills you can still feel the lightness at the heart of the bike...the R3’s responsive frame revels in out-of-the-saddle efforts. Would we still recommend the R3? Wholeheartedly yes: the frameset is superb, quite simply one of the best around.”

Cycling Plus, Bike of the Year 2014 Awards

Road Bike Action Review

“Quick accelerations, like sprinting up a short climb or jumping hard out of a corner, are inspiring on the R3 due to the instant feedback you get in speed. Regardless of whether you race or not, its responsiveness is a feeling that can become addictive...With more performance than what just about anybody who doesn’t make a living riding a bike needs, it’s literally an elite-level ride that comes at a real-world price.”

Road Bike Action Magazine