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After years of research and testing on the road, in the lab and in the wind tunnel, we have redefined the classic road bike by revolutionizing three interconnected factors — comfort, fit, and handling/stability — while making the R3 Disc lighter than ever and integrating the latest disc-brake technology. Underlying all of this are new Squoval Max tube shapes, which have been redesigned to fortify cross-sections and push the R3 Disc to new heights.


As a world-class climbing weapon, lightweight design is a top priority for the R Series. That’s why the R3 Disc’s stiffness-to-weight ratio has been fine-tuned to yield frames that are 18% lighter while maintaining the same race-ready stiffness.

Ride Quality

The established Cervélo fit has been enhanced with a new geometry highlighted by a lower standover height and extra toe clearance. Then there’s the R3 Disc’s new handling geometry, wider tire clearance and integrated disc-brake technology, which improve stability, comfort and performance.


Road riders at all levels are now embracing the versatility of wider, lower-pressure tires in order to reduce fatigue and, in turn, boost power output. And since wheel manufacturers’ wind-tunnel testing has shown that wider tires can deliver aero benefits, tire clearance for the R3 Disc has been increased to 28mm without sacrificing performance. Then there are the small, satisfying design details that separate good from extraordinary, such as helpful thru-axle installation graphics and a subtle-yet-robust chain-stay protector.