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How Do I Pack My P5?

I’m travelling to a few triathlons this summer and need to pack my P5 in an airline case. What case/method do you recommend?

We’ve received a few variations on this question, so we directed it to our customer service expert Jakub Macel, who has travelled extensively to races with his P5. Jakub’s reply:

As you can see from the images below, I’ve been packing my P5 for travel using a hard case. The first photo shows how I lay out the frame and parts. Note that the rear derailleur is removed from the hanger and the front brake is tucked inside the main triangle after it is wrapped with bubble wrap or a towel. The bar is then placed across the frame with some bubble wrap between the frame and bar to protect both. Small parts such as the headset and any bolts I removed are placed in a separate ziplock bag so they don’t get lost.

If you are using the “high V” bar option, like the one depicted below, it helps to remove it from the base bar to allow it to sit more flush by placing it just in front of the bar. I’ve travelled with my P5 to multiple events with no issues when packed this way.

For soft cases, the packing would be similar, in that the bar should be placed beside the frame. I recommend using extra packing material around the bar and frame, as parts tend to shift around more in soft-style cases.