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A New Spin on Crank Length

I’ve heard many triathletes and time trialists are switching to shorter cranks: 170, 165, even 160mm. What do you recommend?

Lee mas

How Do I Pack My P5

I’m travelling to a few triathlons this summer and need to pack my P5 in an airline case. What case/method do you recommend?

Lee mas

The Myth of Modulus

My wife’s bike has a decal on the top tube that reads “Super High Modulus,” so I am assuming this refers to the carbon fibre used. My Cervélo R5 doesn’t say anything about the material in any of the literature. Is my wife’s bike better than mine?

Lee mas

Lab vs. Reality

If lab tests don’t apply to the real world they are meaningless. How does Cervelo’s testing reflect reality?

Lee mas

Aero In The Peloton

During World Tour events there’s always a lot of talk about the aero models the pros are riding. Does it really make that much of a difference since they're usually drafting?

Lee mas

Slow vs Fast Riders

Everyone knows aerodynamic drag increases the faster you go, so an aero bike is important for fast riders. But what about the rest of us?

Lee mas

Designed For Disc

Cervélo says the R3 Disc and C Series bikes are “Designed for Disc.” What does this entail? How are the frame sets engineered differently?

Lee mas