The R-Series


Till The End

Glory comes in many forms: claiming the leader’s jersey, conquering a climb, pushing our limits while riding with friends. And beyond these physical trials, there is something more which drives us: our passion, the courage earned from enduring pain, the oneness we feel with the elements.
The R-Series bikes are engineered to help you achieve your glory - whatever that is for you. World Tour riders praise their unrivalled stiffness, light weight, and stable handling. These bikes aren’t only for the pros though. The R-Series supports every rider with fine-tuned geometry and a range of fit options. That means the ultimate all-round ride experience for you.
R Series - Confidence

Confidence is Everything

Trusting your bike's handling is all important when you're charging down mountain passes or riding in a group. The R-Series bikes are designed to be both stable and responsive, with careful attention to frame stiffness and bike geometry. 

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R Series - Confidence

Further, Faster

Cervélo's engineers specialize in using different tube shapes and construction techniques to dial in the relative stiffness and compliance of a bike frame. For the R-Series bikes, that means a performance bike that you can ride hard all day.

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R Series - Confidence

All-out speed

The R-Series bikes are race machines first and foremost. They feature our stiffest-ever road frames, and the geometry is tuned for high-performance riders wanting an aerodynamic and aggressive position. Bottom line: these bikes are built to go fast.

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Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, racer for Cervélo Bigla Pro Cycling Team.

"I absolutely love my new Cervelo R5! It is super fast and responsive while maintaining its great climbing characteristics. Believe me when I say it: this bike is amazing."
The Bikes
R5 R3 R2
R5 R5


This supreme all-round racing machine sets new benchmarks for lightness, stiffness, and confidence-boosting handling.

  • Colors: Black/Black/Graphite Navy/Red/Orange
  • Options: 8 models / Disc & Rim
  • Priced: From US$5,000.00
R3 R3


Top-shelf specs, a lightweight frame, and responsive feel makes this a race-ready bike for all terrain.

  • Colors: Orange/Navy Black/White
  • Options: 6 models / Disc & Rim
  • Priced: From US$3,700.00
R2 R2


The stiff, lightweight frame and confidence-inspiring handling add up to a pro-calibre ride at real-world prices.

  • Colors: Riviera/White/White Slate/Navy/Red
  • Options: 1 model / Rim only
  • Priced: From US$2,400.00