The Px-Series


Pushing the limits

Years of dedicated research, development, and testing, all focussed on building the perfect bikes for triathletes. We know that you push your limits; these are the bikes that will keep up.
For the PX-Series, we put all preconceived ideas aside and started the R&D process with one goal: let the needs of the triathlete dictate. The result is the most aerodynamic and user-friendly triathlon bike on the market. The PX-Series bikes established new industry standards and have won numerous races and awards. Most importantly, they have earned accolades from racers of all of levels. Our prime objective remains: enabling you to push your limits.

Integrated aerodynamics

The PX-Series bikes are the most aerodynamic triathlon bikes on the market. We spent countless hours testing these bikes as they'll be used by you, so your aerodynamic advantage is not sacrificed when the bike is loaded with what you need on race day.

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PX Series

Optimized for you

The PX-Series bikes are user-friendly, so you can focus on your performance. Dial in the bike to your precise preferences: it's easy to make micro and macro adjustments to your positioning, and there are multiple options for setting up your storage.

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R Series - Confidence

Speed and comfort

The PX-Series bikes are fast to accelerate and hold their speed, transferring all your power to forward momentum. They are also one of the most comfortable bikes you have ever ridden. The result? You'll be able to ride harder for longer.

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Frederik Van Lierde, Pro Triathlete

" I love my Cervélo P5X because it’s so comfortable and practical for a triathlete. Cervélo thought of everything; micro and macro adjustments, ease of travel and at the same time its super-fast and aerodynamic! The Best. "
The Bikes


A bike that pushes the limits, designed specifically to meet the demands of triathletes.

  • Colors: Fluoro/Green/Black
  • Options: 3 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From US$12,000.00