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Five things we love about Rachel Joyce’s return (so far)

Nine months after giving birth to Archie, Rachel was back to her winnings ways at Ironman Boulder.

1. Her first Ironman victory since 2013

A 2nd-best swim and 2nd-best bike split on her new Cervélo P5X put Rachel in second place after T2. Then she charged into the lead during her race-best marathon, passing Heather Jackson at Mile 18 and winning by 7:10 in an overall time of 9:13:32.

2. The crew waiting for her at the finish line

Having lived in Boulder since 2012, Rachel was racing in front of a home crowd. "When it was tough, and I definitely hit some rough spots in the run, I just thought how cool is it to be racing my home race and how cool would it be to win,” Rachel said. Indeed, there was an extra-special fan waiting for her at the end. “Then I was thinking about Archie at the finish line. I just wanted to get there as soon as I could, and when I saw the gap coming down I just went for it.”

3. She’s one-for-one on the P5X

As Rachel said on Instagram, this was her “maiden race voyage” on the ultimate triathlon bike. So far, so good!

4. Feeling the love on social media

@RJoyce09: “Great sharing the podium with Heather Jackson and Danielle Mack.” 

@hjacksonracing: “Awesome battle w/ @RJoyce09! Such a huge congrats Rachel — you were so solid all day. And congrats 

@IMsoulcrusher on 3rd!” @IMsoulcrusher: “Proud to be up standing next to these amazing and inspiring women!”

5. P5X test rides

Rachel put an exclamation point on P5X test rides offered by Colorado Multisport, which hosted dozens of excited riders over the weekend. “Can't even get the P5X bikes off the @AudiBoulder Q7 before getting swarmed!” tweeted Cervélo sales rep Jason Losey.