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Cervélo, Lamborghini join forces on limited-edition P5X

Bold new artwork adds plenty of Lamborghini-inspired style to the Ultimate Triathlon Bike

Engineering prowess. A passion for research and development. An unwavering commitment to raising the bar with every new product. When two companies share these attributes, their joint efforts are bound to turn heads.

Such is the case with the Cervélo P5X Lamborghini Edition, which was jointly unveiled by both companies at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. This limited-edition triathlon weapon features artwork by Automobili Lamborghini’s Centro Stile, the world-famous design lab behind such breathtaking vehicles as the Huracán and the Aventador. The lab’s gifted artists combined the automaker’s iconic yellow topcoat with the Y-shaped detailing that often appears in Lamborghini seat embroidery, on wheel rims and on tail lights.

Because Cervelo and Lamborghini have so much in common, collaboration was a natural fit. Indeed, Lamborghini Accademia drivers have been training on Cervélo for some time now, so they already know how special, and how fast, these bikes are.

Likewise, the P5X was a natural choice as the first Cervelo model to receive the Lamborghini treatment. Its radical design echoes that of many Lamborghini supercars -- the new Centenario springs to mind -- as does its unprecedented focus on performance. With aerodynamically integrated storage, groundbreaking micro- and macro-adjustability, and peerless aero performance honed by 180-plus hours of wind-tunnel testing, the P5X is the fastest and most technologically advanced tri bike of all time. As a Slowtwitch community-supported white paper puts it, "Cervélo continues its legacy of best-in-class aerodynamics and engineering.”

As well as being stunningly stylish and uniquely fast, the P5X Lamborghini Edition is extremely rare. Global production is limited to just 25 bikes, making it a true collector’s item. The rear of each bike’s top tube is stamped with a number denoting its position in the exclusive production run, and every bike comes with a certificate of authenticity and a custom P5X Travel Case co-developed with Biknd.

“This project unites brands that are passionate about world-class products and performance,” said Robert de Jonge, Cervélo’s Managing Director. “Our triathletes lead the charge when it comes to racing, and now they can stand out from the crowd even more emphatically.”

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