A Monumental Third Place at Milano-Sanremo

It was a long, hot day in the saddle at Milano-Sanremo and a new course that stretched 305km laid ahead of the peloton. Despite a hand injury incurred while trying to catch a break, Matthews produced the kick needed to nap third in the sprint. 

“Other guys were just in front of me attacking and I also wanted to go and follow them. The door then closed in front of me against the wall, and I scraped my shoulder and hand against the wall. From that point I couldn’t actually hold my handlebar properly with my hand, but I knew the team did such a great job today so I didn’t want to give up. Obviously I wanted to win and I think I had the legs to do it but this is racing; sometimes you win sometimes you lose. In the sprint at the end it was all or nothing to see what I could get out of the race after the crash – I think being on the podium is nice."