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BikeRadar Review

“Cervélo has long been a sweetheart of time-trial specialists. The P5 builds on the Canadian company’s legacy of creating class-leading time trial and triathlon bikes with slippery aero profiles and incredibly stiff’s ruthlessly efficient at slicing through the wind and stealing seconds back from the clock.”

— BikeRadar, 2015 Most Wanted Awards

Triathlon Magazine Canada Review

“It’s really hard to define the best features of Cervélo’s P5. An incredibly aerodynamic frame is combined with a handlebar designed specifically by Cervélo’s engineers to create a completely customizable position. So we won’t even try to come up with the best feature on this aero superbike. We’ll just be happy to acknowledge that the sum of all the engineering parts is what makes the P5 one of the sleekest tri or TT bikes on the market right now.”

— Triathlon Magazine Canada Review

“The P5 really scores when you get your head down and start turning a big gear. The faster you go, the better it is. Get a flat-ish, straight-ish section of road and you really fly. If the wind is coming at you, the bike seems to slip through relatively unnoticed…”