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Velo Review

“Smart engineering and stiffness worthy of the WorldTour...On the road, it just felt fast. Everything about it screams straight-line speed, from the tube shapes to the BBright bottom bracket...The big, stiff bottom bracket transfers power very well, and decently stiff headtube lets you wrench on the handlebars for a lively sprinting feel.”

2015 Velo Editor’s Pick

Gear Patrol Review

“The bike rips through the course at full throttle, and that’s what it wants most: to go fast. But speed requires stability, and perhaps the most impressive part of the S5 is its assurance that the bike is in control. The handling is steady, almost eerily stable for a bike this quick. In the drops or on the saddle, the bike is stiff and snappy underfoot.”

Gear Patrol

Bicycling Review

“The S5 helps you conserve your energy. I found myself coasting a lot in pacelines. It also offers precision in technical situations: On a fast, three-mile descent with tricky switchbacks it was responsive and stable...This bike deserves an Editors’ Choice award because it was built to be a pure speed demon, and that’s what it is.”

Bicycling, 2015 Editors’ Choice