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Since winning the 2013 Ironman World Championship on a Cervélo, this Belgian triathlete has been instrumental in helping to develop the P5X. How fitting, then, that Frederik (aka Freddy) rode the ultimate triathlon bike to its first Ironman victory.


Freddy credits a Belgian Armed Forces sponsorship for allowing him to focus on his sport full-time since he turned pro in 2003. The army recruits young athletes from a variety of sports, and after two months of basic training allows them to pursue their chosen sport while being paid as a soldier. Belgium’s investment in Freddy has paid off in spades: He has won 23 triathlons as a pro, including Ironman France three times and the Abu Dhabi Triathlon twice.


Freddy won the 2013 Ironman World Championship in a time of 8:12:29 (a 51:02 swim, a 4:25:37 bike on his Cervélo P5, and a 2:51:18 marathon), which was the eighth-fastest time in the 36-year history of the event. When he set a course record at Mexico’s Ironman Cozumel in late 2016, he became the first athlete to win an Ironman event on the Cervélo P5X, which he helped develop as a test rider in both the wind tunnel and on real-world training courses.


Van Lierde is a member of Leie Triatlon Team Latem, one of Belgium’s top triathlon squads, and holds a degree in physical education. His favorite training ground is at Font Romeu, an increasingly popular spot in the French Pyrenees close to Spain.

When he's not racing, Van Lierde enjoys watching others ride as a true aficionado of cycling. He lives with his wife, Sofie Vandermeersch, and two children, Aaron and Simon, in the town of Menen, close to the steep hills that cyclists have to contend with in the annual Tour of Flanders road race.


Twitter: @fvanlierde

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Frederik Van Lierde