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What is the team pursuit?

Part 1: We take a closer look at the one of the fastest team events in track cycling

The team pursuit is a battle against the clock - and your opponents.

Teams of four riders start on opposite sides of the velodrome and ride to set the fastest time over 4km - 16 laps.

The clock stops when the third rider in a team crosses the finish line and often teams will drop one rider during the race when they are too tired to continue.

The event starts with qualification - a pure race against the clock. Eight teams qualify for the first round, with the fastest overall racing fourth, second fastest taking on third, fifth against eighth and sixth versus seventh.

The winners of the heats involving the top four qualifiers go through to the gold-medal final. The two places in the bronze-medal final are determined by the fastest times of the six remaining qualifiers.

In the finals, the fastest team wins, but there is a second way to take victory. If you can catch your opponent, the race is instantly won.

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