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Cycling Weekly Review

“If you’re looking for a bike that can pull its weight in every situation, then it’s hard to look past the R2. While there are bikes with equivalent or better components out there for less cash, the carbon frame, with its trickle-down technology from the higher-end equivalents and proven race heritage, means you’re paying for a long-term investment with huge upgrade potential.”

Cycling Weekly

Bicycling Review

“The bike did everything I asked of it, and did it well, whether I was on gravel, a tight-cornered crit course, or cruising along farm lanes bordered by corn. The frame expresses its racing pedigree when speed or ambition sharply lifts...all I know is that the bike is fun to ride, is just at home in an inner-city park loop as it is on rolling, rural roads, and is one heck of a buy.”


BikeRadar Review

“We loved the way in which the R2 handles the simple pleasures of getting you down the road at a serious pace. On the rolling hills of our test loop it was simply stunning, enabling us to hold a pace only bettered by the very best aero bikes. On the climbs, it's easy to dance out-of-saddle on the pedals and truly attack even the steepest of slopes.”