The S-Series


The evolution of aero

Elbow to elbow, weaving through the peloton, straining to hold the wheel in front. 200 metres to go. This is the moment. Shifting gears and jumping out of the saddle, every part of you straining to pedal as hard as you can to the line.
Cervélo has always been the leader in building fast, aerodynamic bikes. We continue the tradition with the new S-Series. Designed for our World Tour racers and boasting significant improvements in aerodynamics and stiffness, these bikes are about all out speed. If you live for the thrill of the sprint and going fast, the S-Series bikes are made for you.
S Series

Integrated aerodynamics

We take a system approach to aerodynamics, considering the bike, rider, and components together. After hundreds of hours of testing in the wind tunnel and on the road, we've significantly reduced the drag on this system. The result? You go faster.

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S Series

Maximize your power

Our World Tour racers require incredible bottom bracket stiffness for direct power transfer - it's the difference between winning and being back in the pack. We made the S-Series bikes stiffer so more of your power goes into turning the rear wheel.

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S Series

Faster, more comfortable

You can't perform at your best if you're not comfortable and confident on your bike. We engineered the S-Series to soak up road vibrations for a smoother ride, while stiffness and geometry work together for stable handling and pedaling efficiency.

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Cycling Weekly

"Wind resistance is kept to a minimum in the hope of putting every last watt to good use."
The Bikes
S5 S3 S2
S5 S5


Aerodynamic, fast, and built for the best sprinters of the World Tour, this bike is a rocket ship.

  • Colors: Black/Graphite/White Black/Olive/Fluoro Riviera/Slate/Black
  • Options: 5 models / Disc only
  • Priced: From US$5,500.00
S3 S3


Win the group ride sprint on this supremely stiff and aerodynamic speed machine.

  • Colors: Fluoro/Black/White Graphite/Black/Red
  • Options: 6 models / Disc & Rim
  • Priced: From US$4,200.00
S2 S2


  • Colors: White/Black/Green
  • Options: 1 model / Rim only
  • Priced: POA