More hilarity from DZ, this time on saunas

If you're looking for a way to relax post-race, you might like to follow Captain America, Dave Zabriskie's lead and indulge in a steam.

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Sweet Sweat

If you're looking for a way to relax post-race, you might like to follow Captain America, Dave Zabriskie's lead and indulge in a steam – or you could simply read his blog and laugh out loud.

The seven-time U.S. time trial national winner and the only American to win stages in all three European Grand Tours has penned another of his very witty blog posts, this time detailing his love of saunas.

Entitled "Sweet Sweat," Zabriskie writes that he has found his body responds well to the dry heat of the sauna, and the therapeutic results are "quite extraordinary."

"I'm sometimes in the sauna for inordinate periods of time," writes Zabriskie, who is a member of Team Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda.

"My tolerance always surprises the folks who step in ambitiously but ultimately rush out before me roasted after only 10 to 15 minutes. They cool off and come back in for a second round irritatingly greeted by my wide smile."

Known for his sense of humor and singing before stages, Zabriskie shares some amusing anecdotes from his most recent trips to the sauna.

"One rather round man challenged me with, 'exactly what weight are you trying to lose?’ I laughed. He did not.," he writes.

"On another occasion, after I may have exaggerated my stay, I staggered from the broiling redwood lined chamber to be greeted by a stranger on a lounge chair, 'you're gonna kill yourself man and I really don't want to be interviewed by the police. I’m not supposed to be here right now.'"

Zabriskie says his favorite line uttered at the sauna may have been the time he found himself in the sauna with three or four others when suddenly the door swung open rather dramatically and an older, confident grey-haired man bounced in like he knew them.

"You're probably wondering why I called you all here today," the man addressed the group, to fits of laughter. "If in a few minutes you guys start to smell alcohol, well that's me. And if I end up catching on fire I'd appreciate it if one of you put me out," Zabriskie recounted him saying.

Zabriskie then reveals that he loves the sauna to such an extent that he ordered an outdoor sauna for his home, much to the chagrin of his wife Randi who didn’t realize it was being delivered.

"The sauna came as a kit and prior to the delivery I convinced myself I could put the sauna together on my own," he writes.

"It's really a perfect project for the do-it-yourself dad, I explained to Randi when I returned from my ride. Her look was suddenly priceless. 'It'll be a fun project,' I explained, 'and now I won't have to go up to the spa any longer to use the sauna there.' Randi was noticeably unmoved by my logic so I headed for the shower. When I returned she reported that a contractor friend had been scheduled for the following day and made me promise that I won't let the kids touch any tools," he writes.

Upon Randi's insistence, though, Zabriskie agrees to let a professional tradesman install the device.

So he calls an Irishman in the area that he describes as a "real pro" with a "thick accent."

Zabriskie says things got off to an interesting start with this exchange between him and the tradesman.

"Hey Dave what do you do for a living?"
"Race bikes."
"Ever race in Europe?"
"All the time."
"Ever do that Tour de France?"
"Yup, more than a few times."
"Far out. I went to school with a racer back in Ireland."
"Really? Who’s that?"
"Sean Kelly. Ever hear of him?"

Zabriskie ends his very amusing blog post there, but readers can no doubt guess whether or not he’s ever heard of Sean Kelly!

As for the home sauna?

"With professional help, the sauna went together without a hitch," Zabriskie writes triumphantly.

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  • Apwndwest

    That reference to Sean Kelly - how small is this world really?

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