How Julia met cycling

Cervélo Accounting Manager Julia had never ridden a road bike before. After Cervélo started an Employee Test Program, she found a new passion.

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Julia Goepel

The only bike that Julia had ever owned was a beat-up rusted cruiser with a wicker basket zip-tied to the handlebars. That is, until 2010 when she started a career in the Cervélo accounting department. Aside from taking her beloved cruiser shopping or to the movie theatre, all of Julia’s riding was done indoors at her local spin class. The bike was later stolen.

In 2011, Cervélo started a test ride program that encouraged all employees to test and keep a bike. The 2011 R3 Ultegra is Julia’s first road bike and she was quickly hooked. She started with short rides with fellow employees and, before long; she was shopping for cycling shoes, pedals, jerseys and shorts. Over the following winter, Julia joined the Cervélo indoor trainer sessions.

In the spring of 2012, Julia started commuting to and from work every day by bike. With the route totaling 20km per day, Julia can’t imagine a life without riding. She is now a regular on the weekly staff ride on top of her normal commuting. Her favorite weekend trip is a 50km loop along the shore of Lake Ontario with a customary coffee stop in Mississauga, ON.

Julia has started to notice a sharp increase in compliments on her R3. Her favorite part of riding is when she can “open it up” and do her own pace. Her plans for the future include completing a longer Gran Fondo ride once she masters the art of recovery and changing an inner tube.

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  • Andrew

    I also have an R3! after one ride i know this is my bike for life...

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  • John

    I know exactly how she feels. Great job, Julia!

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  • Bates

    A well made frame (that fits the rider) changes simply riding into a different level of fun. Everyone I have suggested a Cervelo frame to, and who has ridden one, has ended up owning at least one. Enjoy the ride.

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