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“It was pretty obvious that these athletes were pretty serious, so we wanted to get them on the fastest set-up possible.”

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When GTH Laval opened its doors in 2011, they didn’t quite know where their experience would take them. Part of GTH sports, a group of bike shops in Quebec, the Laval location focused on pure high-end road bikes. The shop opened with an experienced mechanic crew and focused on offering the best build service possible. Already in that first year, things began to grow.

According to shop Manager Matt Guse, it wasn’t long after they had started up that a few triathletes started walking through the door. For the most part, these athletes were gearing up for Ironman Mont Tremblant. Having ridden Cervélo in the past during his road racing career, Matt knew exactly what was best for his new customers. “The choice was easy,” says Guse. “It was pretty obvious that these athletes were pretty serious, so we wanted to get them on the fastest set-up possible.”

With experienced mechanics already in place, the next step was to bring in the Guru Fit system to specialize in tri-specific fit. The shop has a lean and expert crew. With only six employees currently on staff, each is either an experienced mechanic or a trained fit specialist. GTH Laval is quickly becoming a destination for triathletes in the area.  

The GTH expertise was put to the test at the recent Montreal bike show: the crew packed up their fit station and brought it along. “We were presenting fit demos almost the whole time,” claims Matt. “I think athletes are pretty excited to hear that we want to make them more comfortable and faster at the same time. We don’t just look at one aspect of your fit, we look at everything.”  

The crew at GTH are looking forward to the future. “We hope to just keep the ball rolling and get a little bigger and better every year” says Matt. “We’re very fortunate that the tri community is so strong in Quebec. I hope we don’t get too busy though... I want to be able to make it up to Ironman Mont Tremblant to see some of my customers in action!”  

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  • Patrick

    Hello Happy Rabbit, I have been fitted many times "manually" on my cervelos and recently went for two fittings (for two different bikes) using the Guru fit system located at the GTH Laval shop (performed by Matt Guse, the GTH fitter mentioned in the article). The experience was truly interesting, as I felt that the fitting was less based on a Shaman, and more based on science. With the capability to store different fits, it was easy to quickly determine the fit that suited me best (the system brings you back to saved fittings in a matter of seconds, while you are pedaling - instant feedback). The real life results were nothing short of amazing: faster bike split, most comfortable ride ever and I felt less fatigued after the bike leg. I feel that with the Guru fit system and a good fitter, you get the best of both worlds: art and science.

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  • Don

    Happy Rabbit, Re "no real idea on how best to check credentials", introduce yourself to the potential fitter and think of it as an interview. If at the outset, the fitter does not have time for you then go elsewhere. Ask questions and listen to the responses. In the responses, determine whether you are getting explanation and clarification rather than "formula" or dogma. The problem with some fittings is that the customer does not understand the results or its interpretation. Communication between the fitter and the cyclist is key. Not all people are good communicators and that is true of customers and fitters. You need to know beforehand what is you want from the fit and the fitter. In terms of a 'perfect fit", you have already purchased the bike and this limits some of the options in terms of size and brand/model of bike. Determine whether the fitter wants to work within these limitations. Study some of the bike fit articles at so that yo

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  • Happy Rabbit

    I've had a Retul fitting a year or so ago but have since lowered the saddle a bit. It just felt like I was stretching and rocking a bit much where it was set. Since then a Guru fit location has opened not too far from me, and I am considering giving it a try. I have a new S2 on order and would love a near perfect fit. I know it is as much about the fitter as it is the system but have no real idea on how best to check credentials. Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.

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