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As one of the longest standing Cervélo retailers, Fit Werx definitely knows how to make you faster.

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From day one, Fit Werx and Cervélo have the ingredients to be a great combination for riders of all levels. Cervélo is the first company to truly bring aero design to the masses and Fit Werx is the first shop to bridge the knowledge and skills of the most focused fit studio with the selection and mechanical services of the most dedicated road & tri pro shops.   

Fit Werx has locations in Waitsfield, VT and Peabody, MA and is one of the longest standing Cervélo retailers in the world.  We offer a wealth of knowledge that we’re excited to share with the community: Fit Werx founder Ian Buchanan has been writing tech columns and equipment reviews for Triathlete Magazine and Inside Tri since 2001.  He was the advanced fit instructor for SICI’s motion capture, foot mechanics and aero positioning.  Fit Werx² co-owner and lead fitter Dean Phillips has been writing tech Q&A for since 2008, is a former professional triathlete and the current MA State Road Race Champion.    

Throughout our history with Cervélo we have watched their designs take hold with our customers.  Combined with our expertise, Cervélo and Fit Werx have been helping our customers achieve their goals for well over a decade.  Here is a look back at Fit Werx throughout their  11-plus years of business:

  • Spring ’02 -  Fit Werx opens in a farmhouse in Waitsfield, VT.   We sell our first bike – a Cervélo Soloist Team.    Fit Werx has carried Cervélo since day one and is the longest continuous dealer of Cervélo in New England!

  • 2002 – First P3 sold.  It makes its way to Kona.

  • Spring ’03 – Fit Werx founder Ian Buchanan dialogues with Cervélo’s Gerard Vroomen about frame geometry and what fits the widest range of people.

  • 2004 – Andrew Knight sets just about every TT record in Vermont possible on his Fit Werx P3.  Most records stand for almost a decade.

  • 2006 – First P3C sold.  A great looking bike that requires that we give out bibs to catch the drool of every triathlete and TT rider that comes in the shop.

  • 2007 – We see the first fruits of the earlier conversation about frame geometry and fit when Cerveélo introduces a new versatile geometry on the road side with the RS.   At the same time,  Fit Werx² opens in Peabody, MA and immediately books out for two months on fittings.  Mere coincidence or do good things come in pairs?     

  • 2007 – The “secret” goes international.  In addition to all the great North American athletes riding on Fit Werx set-up Cervélos, an athlete travels from France to be fit for a new road bike and takes a new R3 SL home.   Soon after, riders from Australia, Macau and Qatar come to Fit Werx to find the right fit and the right geometry bike.  Many head home with Cervélos.

  • 2007 – Fit Werx co-owner Dean Phillips starts setting TT records in MA on his Fit Werx set-up P3.  His times best previous records set by National and World Champions.

  • 2008 – The Cervélo P2C does for TT/Tri geometry what the RS did on the road for Cervélo and helps Cervélo tri bikes fit more athletes well than ever.   

  • 2008 - Fit Werx is one of the first fit studios to integrate full motion capture technology to our fittings.   The combination of the right fit and a great value aero bike that fits them well –  the new P2C – is a combination that helps more riders than ever get the most out of their bodies.

  • 2009 – Former Fit Werx sponsored rider Ted King joins the Cervélo Test Team and heads to Europe!

  • 2011 – The new R3 and R5 geometry usher in the future, proving that a versatile geometry and top level performance and ride quality need not be exclusive.   The S5 soon follows…

  • 2012 - Jessie Donavan takes her P3 from Fit Werx to victory at Ironman Lake Placid.   She does the same at Mont Tremblant.

  • 2012 – The new P5 geometry proves to be Cervélo’s best yet – fitting a huge range of athletes well while bringing frame performance to a whole new level.   Fit Werx Fit + P5 Geometry = Speed and Comfort at an unprecedented level for many riders.

  • 2012 – Going from Cat 4 to Cat 2 in under a season, Fit Werx co-owner Dean Phillips is crowned MA State 1/2/Pro Road Champion on his Cervélo S5.

  • 2012 - Fit Werx is the first on the East coast to offer gebioMized pressure scanning as part of our fittings.   This is the same technology used by Cervélo engineering on the Pro Tour.

  • 2013 – Fit Werx schedules the inaugural “Fit Werx 2 Fit Werx” ride – over 190 miles in a day!   Join us in July!

  • 2013 – The progression continues for Fit Werx and Cervélo.  New generation size cycles improve efficiency of the Fit Werx fitting process and bring the accuracy of the data to a whole new level.   New generation P3 improves efficiency and brings a better fitting and faster TT/Tri bike to a price point that is more accessible than ever.    

After over 11 years and over 5000 bike fittings, Fit Werx is still happily making people faster and more comfortable by taking a “Rider First” approach to bike fit and equipment selection. With the new P3 available for order, we don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. Find out why people travel from near and far to Fit Werx; visit us if you want to find the right bike the first time and achieve your speed and comfort potential!

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  • BD

    Purchased my RS at FitWerx VT. The fitting by Ian was the best investment in my riding enjoyment!

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