8 Grams of Engineering

Small details can make a big difference. The big innovations may be more obvious, but these small ones are what turn a good bike into a great bike.

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8 Grams of Engineering

Being an engineering-driven company, Cervélo always looks for ways to further improve our bikes – down to the tiny details. Small changes can lead to big results: from an 8g ICS3 toptube cable tube stop to a <2g dropout setscrew, our road and tri bikes feature innovations to decrease weight and drag, and improve overall performance.


ICS3 Toptube CableStop: 8g

Cervélo’s original Internal CableStop (ICS) was the first system that allowed cables to run resistance-free inside the frame. With ICS3, Cervélo continues to lead the industry by adding toptube entry and an integrated trim adjuster to the system.




P1,P2,P3 – Internal CableStop: 2g

Internal cable routing used to mean running housing throughout the entire frame, resulting in poor shifting due to friction, and a 200g weight gain. ICS turns the frame entry point into a cable stop. The cable runs freely within the frame while cable tension keeps it from touching the tubes.


P4 – ICS2: 8g

ICS2 takes the same principles of ICS, but enters the cable at the top of the toptube, making for even cleaner aerodynamics. Then the piece shown below is inserted in the downtube as the actual cable stop.


P1, P2, P3-Dropout setscrew: <2g

To adjust the gap between the seattube cutout and the rear tire, you need to move the rear wheel fore-aft. To lock in the final position, these setscrews turn in or out until they are right up against the rear axle.

dropout p4

P4 – Dropout setscrew: 3g

To make the setscrew even easier to adjust, the P4 has a thumbwheel integrated into the dropout. This allows the setscrews to be adjusted with the wheel still in the dropouts.


P3 – Integrated seattube/seat stay/brake bridge

The P3 brake plate allows the brake to be mounted from the back of this joint instead of from the front of the brake bridge (which no longer exists). This also allows for angle adjustment of the brake.