A library of shapes that combine the attributes of a square and an oval to achieve an ideal balance of stiffness, weight, and aerodynamics.

  • Squoval 3


Squoval is a library of square/oval tube shapes developed to offer a wide variety of potential combinations and mechanical properties.

Square shapes are best to resist bending (side-to-side flex). Round shapes are best to resist torsion (twisting flex). Since different frame tubes see a variable mix of bending and torsional loads, a careful combination of these shapes can offer the best of both worlds.

Cervélo engineers further refine the Squoval concept by ‘dialling in’ the combination of these properties to best resist the specific bending and torsional loads in various areas of the frame. In areas where bending resistance is critical, Squoval shapes are more square; where torsion is high, the Squoval shape tends toward an oval. The family of Squoval shapes also takes into account aerodynamic shaping, adding a touch of aerodynamic benefits to a Squoval frame.

The benefit: The Squoval family of tube shapes allows us to dial in weight-saving, aero, stiffness and compliance properties desired for each area of the frame.