Dropped Down tube

Positioning the down tube perfectly saves drag on the system by taking into account the interaction between the front wheel and the frame.

  • P3 Dropped Down Tube
    The P3's Dropped Downtube
  • Dropped Downtube
    CFD showing the drag behind the rear wheel and fork crown.
  • Dropped Downtube 2
    The dropped down tube fills in the area where drag accumulates
  • Dropped Downtube 3
    The air flow is improved by the location of the down tube causing less drag.

System Engineering approach

Improving aerodynamics for the rider requires a system engineering approach, taking into account the entire bike system, including bike, rider and wheels. The Dropped Down Tube feature places the leading edge of the down tube closer to the trailing edge of the front tire, partly hiding it in the wake of the wheel. 

The benefit: frame, tire, and wheel behave as one aerodynamic shape, reducing aerodynamic drag.