BBright increases system stiffness and reduces frame weight while allowing for a large range of crank compatibility in a modern press fit system.

  • BBright technology

Asymmetric 79mm bottom bracket

BBright is an asymmetric 79mm bottom bracket standard. We developed BBright as an open standard to achieve a lighter and stiffer frame and crank system while maintaining compatibility with many common crank and crank-based power meter options.

BBright benefits from the oversize effect: oversized frame tubes are stiffer and lighter. On the right side, frame tubes are already as wide as possible: any wider and they’d hit the chain rings. But on the left side there are no chain rings. BBright makes use of this extra space to extend the bottom bracket shell 11 millimetres, nearly doubling the width of the left chain stay; the combination makes  BBright frames significantly stiffer *and* somewhat lighter.

At the same time, drive side dimensions of the frame are identical to BB30 and allow plenty of clearance for a wide range of cranks, including those with power meters.

The benefit: BBright improves system stiffness in a lighter-weight frame using commonly available parts that are easy to service.

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