Social responsibility

Social responsibility

We are always striving for something better, be it in our designs or in giving back to our community.

We Support the Following Causes

Going green at Cervélo

Going green at Cervélo

Cervélo is a high-growth, dynamic and entrepreneurial company dedicated to making a difference in the cycling industry, and we consider social, ethical and environmental concerns when doing business.

Our responsibility to our community begins within our offices.

Cycling To Work

In our line of business, cycling to work has always been encouraged. Our offices are equipped with indoor bicycle storage and shower facilities. We also have a Product Testing program that provides employees with specific models so they have the opportunity to not only experience the true Cervélo ride, but to also join the rest in bike commuting.

Offices At Cervélo

We think green in our Toronto head office. We’ve integrated several innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies throughout the office, as well as beyond our doors – Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100% green energy provider, powers Cervélo’s head office in Toronto.

Wounded Warriors

On May 20th 2012, 21 Canadian soldiers on Cervélo S2 bikes joined riders supporting Britain’s Help for Heroes in Portsmouth, England in the Big Battlefield Bike Ride through France and Belgium. The ride was to increase awareness of, and decrease the stereotypes around, mental health issues. The Wounded Warriors ride helped raise funds for the treatment of Canadian Forces Members as well as for the riders’ own recovery therapy from Operational Stress Injuries (OSI).

The Recycler

The Recycler

We donate old bike parts to a Toronto-based recycling artist who creates one-off art and furniture pieces with base materials from bikes. Co-founder Phil White first met the local artisan in a design show in Toronto, and struck up a relationship that has Cervélo supplying unsellable parts to The Recycler for his pieces. We even have his work on display—a table with legs made from a Cervélo frame sits in our lunch room.

Recycling at Cervelo

Until recently, carbon fiber has been difficult and expensive to recycle due to its makeup. Unlike other metals like aluminium, carbon fibre cannot be melted as the layers of carbon fibre and materials need to be separated first. Now with more companies involved in reclamation technologies, we are working with a partner who recycles our scrap carbon products. They are committed to providing environmentally safe and responsible recycling of carbon frames, and to either reuse or recycle all the corrugate packaging and pallets.

We also repair and refurbish our top-quality frames for donation purposes. Within Cervélo, we recycle our paper products and other household materials (glass, plastic, aluminium), and make sure we only buy paper supplies made from recycled materials. At the same time, we are always looking out for more opportunities to reduce paper usage, for example offering electronic pay stubs to our customers.

Canadian Cycling Association

Cervélo supports the Canadian Cycling Association through bike donations to the CCA’s Para-Cycling program and Junior and Under-21 road program. Nine complete bikes were donated to the Para-Cycling program in January 2012, in time for the Track Worlds in L.A. This donation also supported athletes on Canada’s 2012 London Paralympics team, and the 2012 national para-cycling promotion tour, to prepare the next generation for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brasil. Seventeen complete bikes were donated to the Junior and Under-21 road program, destined for underprivileged youth (those not on trade teams or club-sponsored).