T Series

T Series

Superior stiffness for sprints and the best aerodynamics for pursuit events. Our range of track bikes delivers performance whatever the discipline or your performance level.

Track engineered

Our T-series bikes bring our aero and stiffness designs to the track. These bikes thrive under extreme conditions, and resist the intense forces of the most powerful riders, all at weights previously unseen on the track. Engineered with TrueAero™ tube shapes and Smartwall™ technology, you’ll see the smooth welds and aero tubing, and you’ll feel the responsive and grounded handling. These frames have built-in reflexes for negotiating around other riders at top speeds, matched by the stability you need when you’re putting everything into the pedals. They are built for one thing—winning in the velodrome.

  • T4
    The T4
Core Design Features

Evolved Steerer Design

Different frame designs call for different steerer dimensions. We use the right dimension in the right application.

Comfort, Stiffness, Weight

Extended Seat Tube Cutout

A close-fitting curve in the seat tube trailing edge shields the leading edge and top of the rear wheel significantly improving aerodynamics.