Trevor Wurtele

Trevor was awarded the 2012 Elite male long-course Triathlete of the Year from Triathlon Canada.

  • Trevor Wurtele

Trevor Wurtele

Trevor Wurtele spent most of his early days as a downhill ski racer, but quickly took to road cycling as a teenager. He spent four years racing as a Junior and Espoire in Belgium, France, and Italy dreaming of becoming a professional cyclist. By the time he was 20 that dream took a bit of a backseat to school and normal life. Five years later, however, his desire for competition was re-lit and he found the great sport of triathlon. Another four years down the road, after numerous great races in the long course triathlon, Ironman circuit, he and his wife Heather decided to 'go all in' and commit to being the best professional Ironman athletes they could be. They sold their condo, gave away most of their belongings and bought a small 23 foot RV so they could live cheaply and dedicate 100% of their energy to triathlon. "It was a scary first couple years, scraping by financially, parking our home on the street to save money. But it was all about committing fully, and we made it work."   

Trevor's progression as a professional athlete has been nice and steady. He's been gradually getting faster in all three sports and slowly chipping away at the guys in front. As he says "I feel I'm now at the point where I can line up at Ironman events and be a contender for the win."

2012 saw Trevor take his first win in an Ironman 70.3 event in New Orleans. He also backed that up with a 4th place finish at the Ironman USA Professional championships in New York City, and was awarded the 2012 Elite male long-course Triathlete of the Year from Triathlon Canada. In 2013, he won his first full Ironman, and on home turf – Ironman Canada. 2013 also saw a 2nd place finish at Ironman 70.3 New Orleans and 70.3 Calgary.

In 2014, Trveor has already stacked up two 2nd place finishes – at 70.3 Mt. Tremblant and 70.3 Boise, with the best overall bike split at Boise.  He heads into 70.3 Worlds and Kona with a solid foundation and high aspirations.

Although they are now serious contenders in the sport, Canada’s Iron-couple are jointly known for their RV lifestyle, her blog entries and – maybe most of all – Trveor’s wacky race report videos.  At around 80 seconds, they’re whirlwind summaries loaded with pop culture references, split second jokes, and self-depreciating humour.  Far from the typical super serious sports pro, his greatest achievement may be convincing people that being an Ironman athlete is fun.  And that’s the attitude of a champion. 


2014 Race Schedule:

October 12, Ironman World Championship - Kona, Hawaii