Rachel Joyce

Rachel is becoming known as one of the most consistent performers in Ironman. At the World Championships, she now has five top ten finishes and has earned a spot on the podium in Kona for 3 consecutive years.

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    Rachel Joyce at Ironman Melbourne

Rach, Rachie, Razz

Hi, I’m Rachel Joyce. I’ve been a pro triathlete since 2008. I was born in 1978 in Mexico City. My secret race weapon is my bike - with help from my Cervélo P5 and my diesel engine! The song that gets me through my hardest training sessions right now is MIA Paper Planes. When I’m not training, you’ll most likely find me drinking coffee, my nose in a book, cooking up new recipes and hanging with Brett. My first memory of being on a bike is of riding a rented bike whilst on a camping holiday with my family in France. I must have been 6 or 7 and I was on a bike with gears and thin wheels for the first time. I felt very grown up until I turned to smile at my dad who was taking a picture, road into a tree and fell off. Lesson learned - always look where you are going!

A swimmer by background, in 2005 Rachel grew bored of following the black line and so decided to give triathlon a go: the natural next step for a 50m specialist in the pool! An attorney at law by day, Rachel would switch her work suit for spandex during her lunch hours as well as pre and post work to fit in training where she could. Sometimes this meant closing a deal at midnight and hopping on her bike for the ten mile journey home through the city.

Whilst working as a lawyer Rachel achieved some promising age group results: including winning her age group at the inaugural Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2006 and placing top age grouper at Ironman 70.3 Monaco. In 2008 Rachel took the plunge and resigned from her job at London city law firm, Taylor Wessing (www.taylorwessing.com) to give her best shot at being a professional triathlete. Since then Rachel has enjoyed a steady rise in the sport. She placed fifth in her first Ironman, Ironman Florida in 2008 in a time of 9:37 and less than a year later was crossing the line at the Ironman World Championships in 6th place (her first time racing on the Big Island). She now has five top five finishes in Kona to her name (6th:2009, 5th:2010, 4th:2011, 2nd:2013, 3rd: 2014, 2nd: 2015), a world title and four Iron distance titles (Ironman Lanzarote 2011, Challenge Roth 2012, Ironman Texas 2013 and Ironman Cozumel). Her finish time in Kona 2013 puts her as one of only 4 women to finish in sub-9hours at the Ironman World Championships (8:57:28).

London was "home" for 10 years but now Rachel has moved Stateside and lives year round in Boulder, Colorado. She is coached by Julie Dibens. Her ambition in the sport is to win Kona as well as tick off a few "bucket list" races she has on her list….Wildflower, Ironman Brazil, St Croix 70.3 and Escape from Alcatraz to name a few.

Outside triathlon Rachel is known to be up for a challenge and this has seen her race in 3 degree C waters in the European Cold Water Swimming Championships, where she took the 25 metres breaststroke title in 2004. She also volunteered to be a "buddy swimmer" to a friend on her English Channel crossing. This involved 6 hours of swimming in the 16 degree waters…no wetsuit. In fact, it's almost the law that she has to jump into any cold body of water that she comes across including Loch Ness, Loch Tay, the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay and the Irish Sea.

#1 goal for 2015

To win Kona and have fun on the way!

2014 Results:

3rd Ironman World Champs
2nd Challenge Bahrain
2nd Challenge Roth
2nd Boulder 70.3
2nd Kansas 70.3

2015 Calendar:

1 March Santos Olympic distance, Brazil
5 April Brazil 70.3
19 April Lifetime South Beach TBC
2 May St George 70.3
16 May IM Texas
13 June Boulder 70.3
12 July Vineman 70.3
30 Aug Austria 70.3 WC
10 October KONA